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How to Get Your Ex Back
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Make Him Regret Losing You
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How to Make Him Regret Losing You?

Getting through a breakup is never an easy feat. All the emotions floating in the air would most definitely prove to be too overwhelming for one single person to handle.

The emotions you’re feeling right now solely depends on how much love you still have for your ex boyfriend at the moment. It would only get worse if you were the one who ended up being dumped.

All of this would leave you shattered and somewhat desperate. It is still possible for you to get him back, if you really want to. Alternatively, you could try to make him regret losing you, and having him crawling on all fours just back together with you again. With the right moves being played, you could be the one having the last laugh in this relationship.

Before you even start with you plan to make him regret losing you, you must understand that you must not approach him no matter how good your reason might sound.

As a woman, it must’ve in one of your dreams, where the man you really want to share your life with come announcing his unending love for you, on both his knees. There probably isn’t anything more romantic than this in the entire world. However, men look at this dream as a form of emotional insecurity and desperation.

Men find it more attractive in a woman who can hold firmly hold herself together. No matter how down you are feeling at the moment, show him that you’re still standing tall on your own after all that’s happened. He’d expect you to beg for his return.

Instead of pleading, you should simply smile to him and tell him that you’re alright. This would give you an upper hand in your plan to make him regret losing you. He’d definitely take one step back and start thinking about you, and what his next move should be.

Men have a reputation of wanting things which are out of their reach. In order to make him regret losing you, you’ll have to make him feel that you’re no longer his from now onwards. You don’t have to tell him this, actions speaks louder than words after all.

With time in your hands, get out there and enjoy yourself with some of your friends. For the next couple of weeks, do not even try to make contact with him. This means no calls or text messages whatsoever. Once he finds out that you’re better off without him, you can bet on it that all this is getting on his nerves.

You can expect him to contact you soon enough, and when that happens, give him nothing more than treatment as a friend. You could probably tell from his facial expressions that this kind of treatment is driving him up the wall.

Keep your conversations with him as short as possible. Make sure that he’s the one who makes the first call at all times. After this entire ordeal, he’ll eventually regret losing you and you do not have to worry about your boyfriend is pulling away anymore. 

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